Working on the catalog of the Faberge Museum


To translate the museum’s catalogue and preserve the stylistic consistency of the item descriptions.

To ensure the consistency of the cultural and historical terminology and the academic wording of art history texts for visiting foreigners.


The Fabergé Museum, located at Shuvalov Palace in St. Petersburg since 2013, houses the world’s largest collection of works by Faberge, evoking the interest of Russian and foreign art lovers alike.

SmartScape was responsible for the translation of the catalogue containing a detailed description of the items. This catalogue was of utter strategic importance for the museum’s international reputation.

Compliance with the style inherent to the museum’s catalogue.

Art history subjects


SmartScape worked in tight cooperation with the museum’s management and art historians in order to convey the meaning in the most precise way possible and to preserve the stylistics of the original text.

Russian translators and native speakers of foreign languages performed the step-by-step translation of each item and ensured the consistency of the terminology and style.

Translators had visited the exhibition before it opened and talked with the art historians to fully immerse themselves in the subject.

The museum’s management has remained very satisfied with our work, marking the beginning of long-term cooperation.