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Spending free time with colleagues in an informal setting contributes to their motivation and efficiency

Many of us have recently returned from vacation. But what will happen if you spend a vacation with your colleagues? An American company called WeWork (a co-working startup, whose networth is estimated at $16 billion) organized a huge summer camp for its employees and clients in order to find out how it would affect the workplace atmosphere. As it turned out, the informal setting, plus yoga classes, outdoor swimming and trekking activities, all positively influenced the motivation and efficiency of the employees.
Maybe it’s time for your department to do some team building? Look at WeWork’s experiment, and you are sure to be inspired!

Will machine translation ever be able to replace human translators?

Modern devices allow us to translate text files, text on images and sound recordings online in an instant. However, they still make a huge amount of mistakes in the final translation. In January, Skype introduced a translator plugin capable of translating online conversations into seven languages. Despite this innovation, it still makes mistakes, such as translating ordinary Chinese words into obscene ones. Machine translation services performing the translation of written text tend to make other mistakes. While machines can learn through the process of translation, they still cannot preserve the sense of translated sentences’ original meaning.
As a result, according to the authors of this article, devices are suitable for making a transliteration of some words and phrases, but you still need to use the services of a real human translator in order to avoid mistakes.

“Harry potter and the cursed child”

We think many are familiar with the works of J.K. Rowling or their adaptations. The Russian public is currently indignant over who will translate the new book. The new owner of the translation rights prefers to call Professor Dumbledore – Dumbledore, Luna – Psycho, Professor Trelawney – Moonshine, Oliver Wood became Oliver Tree, and Bathilda Bagshot became Bathilda Beetle. And the production based on the book, by the way, will soon be staged on Broadway.

We would also like to draw your attention to the problem – it is a shame for colleagues-translators.